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Bouncer Stun gun with Flashlight 100 Million Volts


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Bouncer Stun gun with Flashlight 100 Million Volts The Safety Technology Bouncer is a flashlight, stun gun and striking weapon all wrapped into one! The Bouncer has 100 million Volts. Keep a safe distance with from attackers with the Bouncer’s 22-inch reach. It’s made with aircraft aluminum that allows the Bouncer to be used as a club and the rubberized handle ensures you keep a firm grip. The Bouncer also comes with a 280 Lumen flashlight that you can switch between 5 modes. You can use it to help look around in dark areas or blind any oncoming attackers. No need to worry about going through batteries, the Bouncer comes with wall charger and two rechargeable batteries. Also comes with a removable glass breaker that you can screw onto the end of the unit. Features: 280 Lumen Flashlight 5 Light Modes: You can select either maximum, medium, low, SOS, or strobe mode. Aircraft Grade Aluminum 2 Removeable Lithium Batteries and Battery Charger Non-Slip Rubber Handle 22″ long x 2″ wide Lifetime Warranty 9 Milliamps ON/OFF Safety Switch Contents: Bouncer Stun Gun Flashlight 100 Million Volts (2x) 18650 rechargeable batteries Glass breaker (screws on the end of the unit) Instructions Battery Charger


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